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Renovating your device

Posted by Ryan M. Gocal on February 9, 2015 at 4:25 PM

A few months back, the lead developer of Renovate Rom reached out to me seeing my tallent in OpenSense development and asked me to be apart ofthe team. After much thought, I told myself i wasnt going back into rom development buuut after thinking about it, i said yes. Well after several months of gettings some fun stuff ready for the team, I wnet through a divorce...My computer crashed and all HDDs fried...Went through a rage quit on life and so on and so forth with my luck of unforntunate events. After gathering my pieces back together, I returned to the team with a vengeance on android development and a new point of view of how I wanted I wanted things to "roll" this time.

My rom development carrer started back on the LG Ally on Bionx. Not much to say about it as I themed the shit out of it with Moto Blur, plugged in a couple of mods and built a small toolkit off of the sources of CM7 and called it a day. After I had migrated to the Droid Razr and upgraded my little pimp wagon to Bionx Nx and Bionx Nx Catalyst with the Bionx Dashboard application, things got a little interesting for users. Those who didnt get the chance to use Bionx or the Bionx Dashboard, it was simple a new view on a toolkit. Using cards, I developed a Dashboard that took users to links, tools, tweaks and much more beyond what many stock roms never achieved. Along with all of my ported Sony Xperia goodness and ui along my Bionx atire, things were great. I even made it to the title of the best modified stock rom for the Droid Razr. Now in Renovate...Its a different story. I have an amazing team with many ideas and have many standards that I must meet. My job was to backport the tweaks from the Kitkat rom and develop a new app based on OpenSense6 and Android 5 but not make it look to noticibly alike from other toolkits. I sat down with me, myself, and I and looked over the source of the Bionx Dashboard, The Renovate Tweaks App, and several other open source roms like PA, CM, Slimkat and watched what users liked the most. I also looked at how users reactacted to Venom Rom's tweaks application and how I could pull off making something totally different but be the same at the same time. Something that invited the user to explore the roms options and tweaks without being imtimidated by all the warnings and pop ups telling the users these options are here to open your device but may cause damages at the same time and we dont want a user to be discouraged but also know the cons. So, my journey began on Eclipise by designing a new layout for Renovate that would invite and welcome users to the new base rather than shove everything at once at them.

The new layout is based on the Google Guidelines of Android 5's Material GUI. It has floating animated action buttons, help windows, links to Renovates home pages and forums, has a category for each main sub menu of customization for the rom and ofcourse...looks damn good. I decided to call this creation the Renovate Service Pack as it would include a bunch of cool customization for Renovate and be updated via the Play Store so I could monitor the usage easily and the dweebs who like to kang and say "hay yall, looky what I did!" and be banned the next day wondering what the hell just happened =D 

Renovate Services will also have what Id like to call the Prime Key. This key will be avaible in the near future, after I work out all the kinks in the application and will act as a donation towards my credited work on Renovate Rom and will also invite users to exclusive content like an advance Android Settings I have planned and some other jazy stuff the team comes up with. I will also try my hardest to recognize legacy donators on the Kitkat version of Renovate as its only fair to them to recieve the same benifits. 

Renovate Services will includes tweaks and optimization for Blinkfeed, System UI and other small utilities; A Performance Control for settings set values for your Quad Core; System Interface settings for PIE and other goodies I have planned and optimizing for Sense; A contributors page to root for your favorite dev and donate to them and some other sweet invitations as we work.

Now I have alot of backporting todo from the last app and my time as a dev is limitied to weekends and nights, if my life isnt crazy...So I pledge to the Renovate community that you wont be dissapointed. I always have a surprise up my sleave when it comes down to original development in firmware.

Stay tuned for further updates! As always crackflashers, check out Renovates newest nightlies for Renovate Rom for the HTC ONE M8!

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